fredag 6. november 2015

Movie Theory: Gaston LeGume survived his fall

Why do I say he survived:

In the movie he is always known to be the hunter in town, when you meet him at beginning he shoots the bird right on sight so that his friend LeFeu gets it, later you see him climbing a house and then you see he does parkour on the roof of the house.

So what have learned in this one scene:

1. He never misses his target
2. He has many skill sets like climbing and parour

What we dont see?
1. He always has with him a bow carrier and he always wears his belt over his shirt, this makes me thinks that the belt isnt meaningless since many hunters use belts to have their hunters ear with them and the bow carrier cant just be to have arrows in, but also grappling  hooks.
2. Unlike the narration where Belle says he is a dumb guy, we dont see it from his perspective. How fully prepared he is before every hunt and so in that way the story is one sided

What we do see in Gastons Bar?
1. Everybody says he is the best hunter(hence good prepared and knows his equipment and also have a security plan)
2. He rather eat eggs and stay healthy instead of drinking beer, since he throws the beers in the fire

What do we see in the Castle Fight?
1. Gaston pretends to be Weak when he is Strong and Fierce to stab the Beast in his back and when he falls after he have stabbed the Beast it is intensionally so he can grab his Grappling hook to the Mountain pass so the Beast and Belle thinks he is dead so they dont pursue him and punish him for hunting a Prince

So In conclusion?
This Hunter is so wellprepared and you are a viewer is lead on to belive he is stupid, that he hasnt planned this Out and that he has no way of surviving the fall but he did and he can out victorious since he wasnt pursed after he escaped and he most likely went into hiding and went to another village to be an average hunter and a less cocky and confident self to live out his cover life.

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