mandag 3. august 2015

Top 5 reasons why you should see Tyrant

1. Its based on a true story. In fact is so close to the truth it would amaze you, Barry the doctor has a all the similarities with his real human counterpart Bashar al-Assad the president of Syria, at first you may think but why would they make them so alike even if Barrys family rule in a fictional country and Assad in Syria since it would make it belivable.

2. It takes on the Middle Eastern extremism, both the extremism that a Tyrant that rules a Country brings where he takes away the peoples freedom to speak freely and the Tyranny of Extremism in Islam in such organizations as Islamic State(IS/ISIS), the Levant and other groups that robs people of their freedom and are themselves the Tyrant of their own religion.

3. It takes on the Oil problem in the Middle East and how the Oil affects the power struggle between countries and how alliances are made out of resources.

4. It takes on the issues on Old vs New. The old traditions that has been in a country changes fast and how people react to changes they are put in. Like education and in the presence of religion where female gets more rights and how this may affect extremists group that think this going to far away from the religious books

5. Its made by FX Channel. The same channel that made shows such as Sons of Anarchy and Homeland and the channel is known for their realistic perspective on world problems and local problems using the viewer as an instrument since they know the viewer most likely watches the news and like to be informed about the world and its issues.

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