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Before we(1:30 Train) review(Spoiler Free)

Reviewers Intro

I just watched the romantic movie made Chris Evans. Its his directorial debut after being Steve Rogers/Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When he took that role he got better being more dramatc actor, since he comes from comedic roots and has a long track record in playing in romantic movies who are mainstream.

This movie is not mainstream and its made for an audience used to Indie movies. Who knows that the movie isnt set in a straight line and that the ending is open for evey individual to interpret individually

Movie Plot

In the beginning we see a stressed girl running after the train she misses, she looses her cell phone when a lonely musician picks it up and starts communicating with her. This is the start of the movie and we soon learn both their pasts and their different viewpoints after spending time with them, we learned what led them to New York in the first place and how that One Night in New York changed their lives forever.

Actors performances

The musician Nick is played by Chris Evans who seem to have learned to play the trumpet and the girl who misses the train called Brooke is played by Alice Eve from Star Trek: Into Darkness and She is Out of my League.

Both actors seem to have the chemistry on Screen and New York is seemed to be a realistic place where crimes are commited and there places you can seek before you take the train home. Its as much about the two people as its about the City itself, thats what makes this movie so Unique and not a standard romantic movie, since its focuses on two people and a town they are in for a Night.

Movie Grade

I would grade this movie as 6 Mile movie to see, its different, and it will take you to unexpected places. Its for the more mature audience, but I would say this movie is worth seeing with a girl who understands this type of mature movie, where the story is set in  a way where its more character driven and driven by amazing cinematography highlighting a City, rather than expensive effects and overused movie plots.

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