fredag 17. juli 2015

5 reasons why you should not be with Men like Gaston!

1. He is self centered and only cares about his own appearance
2. He brags about his muscles, his accomplishments. He loves the attention he gets and he loves the fame, he has girls chasing him but he shows them no interest only lifting them when he feels he has to while singing

3. He has hate in his heart, he is going to slay a Beast that Belle loves. He dosent care about her opinion and he dissmises her words before throwing she and her father in a cellar.
4. He treats people with disabilities and eccentricities with a bad manner, always being rude towards them and either smashing a bucket in his friends LeFou's head and LeFou is different, he has a dissability and he is smaller size and Gaston constantly mocks him and bullies his own friend. He always treats the father of Belle as an Insane man when he is an eccentric Genius who pushes technology forward

5. Gaston only cares about Gaston
Thats why he is single, since he dosent have any room for others than himself and thats a narcissistic way of self loving, he only does what suits him and bring innocent people to his fights

6. Gaston is brave but stupid. He goes and fight the Beast on his own but eventually is thrown from the Castle Wall, he is not Dead.

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