søndag 19. juni 2016

Namors right and the Disney Marvel sabotage!

 Prince Namor Kenzie the Submariner is one of the Oldest most unknown superheroes of all times. He was created in 1939 by Bill Everett for Funnies.inc who distrubuted Motion Picture Funnies Weekly. All this before the Comicbook company Marvel bought the character and through all the Years distributed the rights to the chracter as their own.

It was never an Original Marvel character. It is marketed as it in the media, but they just like any other company brought the character and took it into their Universe, They shaped him from a WWII hero into their greatest antihero knowing in the process that they would go against everything their original creators tought of him.

Now many years later that Disney owns everything Marvel they have done everything in their way to sabotage for other companies. This time Universal that had the rights to this Atlantean King and in my mind if Marvel hadnt killed him last year by Black Panther and this year by Squadron Supreme that he would have been a great fit to be in the Universal Monsters franchise. Since they could have introduced this character as a Part of their mythos, I do belive Universal could have made Atlantis look good and also portray this Prince and King of the Sea with asian features like he has in the comics.

If you have seen Dracula Untold you know what I am talking about. They know how to potray someoone of Royal blood and they know how to do him Justice, by showing his strenghts and weaknesses. Universal could have done this but they where robbed of their chance.

Here is also my reasons why he fits into the Fox Marvel Cinematic Universe. They dosent have rights but they have the rights to the X-Men and the term mutant in the superhero universe. We must all remember he is the first Mutant and if he is not reffered to as a Mutant you dumb down the character. So he in many ways belong with the Fox Marvel Cinematic Universe and I do belive that Universal could have worked with them in a common goal.

Since now that Disney Marvel has the rights they will dumb down the character. Making him into a villain in the movies, never making him look like a good monarch and like someone who is conflicted. Being both the First Mutant, a King of Atlantis and hating the Surface dwellers for destroying his Underwater kingdom. Now they will most likely only making him a King who has anger tantrum and that his powers either stems that he is some sort of Inhuman(bad move) since the Inhmans already have their own royal family of Attilan. They could also make that his powers comes from being an Atlantean(half) but still either way you look at it will never do him justice. Since he will never be reffered to as the First Mutant. He will most likely be the one your child makes fun of or either hates. He will be so dumb down in a Disney Marvel movie that everything the character stands for is Dead and Gone.

Yours Sincerly,
Emil Ziaie, CEO and Writer of Filmilen

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