søndag 2. november 2014

5 reasons why Agent Hobbs will go full beast in Furious 7

1. In the 5th installment he got beaten by Dom Toretto, it damaged his Pride shield. In the seventh Installment it seems he will go on hard on Jason Stathams big bad Ian Shaw to regain his Pride once more.

2. He is a Special Agent and in the 7th installment he will get new members on his team after getting betrayed by one of his team members(Gina Carano) in the 6th installment. I think he will investigate what happens with big bad Ian Shaw and track his movments before calling the troops of the Toretto family to join his crusade.

3. Agent Hobbs is one of the Good guys, you must root for the Good guys and you must admit he has a nice looking watch and Under Armour Sportswear

4. He can carry 2 guns, large guns and allround shot them at bad people

5. He can jump over long distances, piss of other military personell and does his job 24/7. I wonder how he can put that proteinshake in his shedule between missions and I wonder if he gets enough rest between his intense proteinshake drinking and work routine. Either way, Agent Hobbs is a workaholic

here is the trailer of Furious 7:

Written by your kind and nice wannabe neighbour Filmilen

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